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12th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

The mind-bending process of renovation can actually be uncomplicated and enjoyable if you plan your each step and use professional help. Make a list of the corners that need renovation and check if you need to renovate the entire house. Choose whether you want to go for DIY or need the help of a contractor. Plan your budget and decide where you would stay while you renovate, make sure you have ample time to be there.


14th Feb2015

See if you are being able to focus a budget seamlessly on home improvement

One must not plan to go for a home improvement until he/she has time to be there to give instructions to the contractors since no one understands your requirements better than you do, keep your expenses within your planned budget. If you could save a few extra bucks, you can invest that amount to make some additional changes.


Make sure there is no strained purse

Take time to calculate how much you can spare

Do not go in for home improvement unless you sure of giving time to it

Find time to supervise contractors from time to time

Make sure you verify and recheck payments

14th Feb2015

Avoid spending on items that are extravagant but not long lasting for home

Choose home décor material that is long lasting and does not cost heavy on your pocket, compare the prices of different stores to get the best deal. Focus on one area and start off with the next corner only when the first ones comes to an end, use less expensive replacements to stick to your budget.


Do not take up fancy delicate ideas for your regular home

Make sure you are in tune with the needs of your home

Adopt a practical approach and sort out technical home revamps first

Go in for interior revamps in steps

Find out how to put up when the renovations at home are on

14th Feb2015

Take time to figure out if any section of the home needs complete doing over

You must know if any area of your house needs a renovation instead of revamp, discuss with your family members and take expert advice to make up your mind. Cut down your expense on buying new home décor material and invest the amount to renovate a corner that needs special attention.


Do not go for much deconstruction

Take time to check if your home is too scattered

Bring in more compactness to your interiors

Once Analyzed, plan a budget

Take estimates for fresh building versus mere revisions

14th Feb2015

Decide on how you plan to organize your store room

Keep your storeroom in an arranged manner so that you find it convenient to get stuff you need the most. Keep you storeroom neat and clean; if possible fix a day when you through the useless stuff out of your storeroom to keep things in an arranged manner.


Avoid spending too much on redoing your storeroom

Do not allow storage take up a lot of place

Go for regular cleaning of storeroom

Utilize maximum space

Bring in extra space by going modular

14th Feb2015

Spend time checking the health of your home wiring

One can never take a risk when it comes to home wiring, keep all wires in good condition to avoid the risk of short circuits. Check home wiring on regular time intervals; place all the electrical appliances with your reach so that you can use them easily when needed.


Make sure your main fuse supports all your appliance use

Avoid using all appliances on one main board

Keep separate circuit breakers for different areas of home

Check the internal circuit

Repair short circuits immediately

14th Feb2015

Make a separate study at home

Choose a corner that is least noisy and does not have too many windows so that you can focus on your studies. You certainly do not need too much space unless you are a research student who usually has countless papers spread all over the table, make sure each member of family has his/her own separate study table.


Plan your study to ensure there are no disturbances around

Avoid planning too big a study space

Keep your desk clean

Organize your filing system neatly

Ensure security arrangement for important documents

14th Feb2015

Invest in a good paint for your home

Do not make a compromise with the quality when you plan to choose paint as a good paint will only increase the beauty of you house, use expert advice to make a right choice. You cannot afford to rely on magazines or movie clips to choose the best paint, compare different paints and choose good quality paint that is long lasting.


Do not ignore the need to get a good paint

Ensure primer coats on all walls first

Do not compromise on paint quality to save costs

Take expert help instead of going DIY

Make sure you go in for long lasting paint with a guarantee

14th Feb2015

Avoid ignoring the home patio or lawn

A home lawn always enhances the beauty of your house; one must make sure that he/she is able to devote time to the maintenance of the lawn. Chose the right kind of furniture to keep in your beautiful lawn and use it to share a cup of tea with your loved ones, give a classy look to the outdoor of your house with a home lawn.


Spend time designing your driveway

Make sure you go in for gravel or grass as per your maintenance abilities

Compare costs and then choose a contractor

Pay attention to the up keep process for patio

Choose suitable furniture for the lawn

14th Feb2015

Be prepared to radically change the look of your home

When you have the same look of your house for years, you start feeling energy less and dull, on the contrary you must feel alive after a long hectic day at your office. Change the look of your home on regular time intervals but do not copy designs that you know nothing about, surf web to get new ideas.


Do not be uptight about particular styles

Do not stick to typical design ideas

Feel free to add own touches to your design

Avoid trying to copy designs blindly

Take inspiration from ideas but add your own customization

14th Feb2015

Take time to figure out the main needs of your home

Make a list of all required stuff, focus on rooms that are most used to give a now a look to your house. It is important to know whether you want to go for a renovation or a revamp, plan accordingly and make a budget. You must pay equal attention to each part of your house including basement and backyard.


Decide what are the most basic rooms needed

Decide if you can join up smaller spaces

Check for fusing larger areas of home

Do not attempt to use same used material for new constructions

try and check if you need to rebuild or simply touch up

13th Feb2015

Do not overspend on any section of the home

When you have a fixed budget, you cannot afford to invest more on any single section since it restricts you to spend less on other sections, balance things up by keeping those sections on top of your list that need revamp. Divide your budget accordingly and stick to the plan since you do not want to avoid any section of your house that needs improvement.


Segregate your budget uniformly on home improvement

Spend the maximum on the section that needs most revamp

Do a thorough check on the most important needs on your home improvement

Take a section-based estimate for home improvement

Compare room based revamp with whole home revamp costs

13th Feb2015

Do not ignore the backyard

Pay equal attention to the backyard of your house, if needed build a fence and a small shed there. Make efforts to keep your backyard neat and clean, latest home décor styles provide you enough decoration material that can make your backyard look more attractive. Surf web to check out different backyard designs and decorative material.


Ensure your backyard is neat

Build a small shed

Make sure you do not spend too much since backyards need maintenance too

13th Feb2015

Ensure to even out lighting plans for home

Use help of professionals to make the best choice since lighting affects each and aspect of your home improvement, choose energy efficient lighting that is within your budget. Make sure you do not spend lavishly on lighting, use lighting ideas that suit your home the best and are cost effective too.


Check out latest lighting styles

Fix up a budget

Do not invest in extravagant lighting

Ensure lighting solutions are energy efficient

Check out the lighting ideas that befit your home

13th Feb2015

Plan out multipurpose home improvement

Use multipurpose home furnishing stuff to make the best use of home décor material. Sliding furniture provides you the liberty to have more space in the house that certainly gives a classy look to your home. Do not choose heavy furniture since it restricts your options and is difficult to shift to different corners of your house.


Go in for sliding furnishings

Go in for storage solutions

Invest in add on furniture

Do not invest in something too heavy

Check out the possibilities of removing furniture to incorporate storage

13th Feb2015

Pay attention to the drains and pipes too

Make sure you regularly check each single corner of your house since the cleanliness of your home needs to be on top of your priority list. Check the plumbing systems, fix all the broken pipes, and handle leakage issues on priority basis.


Check the plumbing systems for leaks

Do a check thoroughly for any damp corners

Invest in repairing internal issues first

Check for unhealthy walls too

Invest time in inspecting rotting wood

13th Feb2015

Pay priority to the bathroom

Do not keep your bathrooms in a mismanaged manner; make all the necessary arrangements to increase air circulation there. Extra space in the bathroom would be an extra advantage, so give preference to it. Do not keep useless stuff in your bathroom if you do not get enough space to move freely.


Maximise space use in bathrooms

Do not clutter up your bathroom

Maximise air and light circulation in bathroom

Pit in a bathtub only if it leaves free space

Curtain up your shower area

13th Feb2015

Avoid investment in high maintenance ideas

If you invest on luxurious stuff you would have to bear the expense of its maintenance too, make all your investments only after considering all the possibilities. Plan and spend strictly according to your budget, try to save some extra bucks so that you can make some additional changes along with the planned ones.


Do not splurge on ideas that need regularized investments

Avoid going antique if you have a tight purse

Take care to ensure all furniture is on tune with your personality

Do not buy stuff unless sure

Decide if you can maintain high polish furnishings

13th Feb2015

Go in for DIY only when sure

Use help of professionals to give life to your dreams though you always have an option to go for DYI but chose this option only when you are fully confident. One must know the fact that DIY option proves more costly if you do not have a prior experience.


Unless clear do not dive in to DIY

Ask for expert help

Ask for assistance on DIY projects

Check out the cost savings between usual and DIY projects

Avoid buying stuff because it looks easy on TV

13th Feb2015

Do not spend excess on accessories

Do not spend money on useless accessories that do not serve any purpose. Use your own judgement or take expert advice if you find it hard to decide upon the things to buy. If you spend carefully, you can use the saved amount to make some additional changes.


Buy sturdy accessories

Buy accessories that can be easily maintained

Target using accessories that can be used long term

Do not buy cheap looking stuff

Avoid accessorizing too heavily

13th Feb2015

Go in for refurbishments

Old furnishing material and other usable stuff can also be reused and it is cost effective too, try to be a little innovative to give a new look to the used home décor material. It would save you the time and effort to choose a substitute, always give preference to comfort when you buy new furniture.


Avoid ditching all old stuff

Go in for handicrafts

Revamp old furnishings to render a new look

Do not invest in fancy furnishings if they are not comfortable

Take time to plan what furniture is reusable

13th Feb2015

Break up your home improvement needs in batches

Try to have a systematic approach when you plan to go for a home revamp since it gives you the liberty to think over all the possibilities and does not increase your burden. Chose one section and start off with the next one only when the first one comes to an end, get rid of all the useless stuff lying here and there in your house.


Do not attempt to revamp your entire home overnight

Systematically plan your home improvement

Attempt outdoor revamps later

Do away with the outdated interior stuff

Find a budget to maintain your existing yards

13th Feb2015

Take quotes from varied home improvement stores

Get in touch with different home improvement firms so that you can easily compare and make a decision to choose the best option. No doubt, you have to give preference to the agencies that offer a discount but it surely does not mean you compromise with the quality of services.


Compare rates first

Attempt to gain bargains on home improvement deals

Ask if the stores can give you deals on assistance

Save costs by assisting the contractors

Do not buy everything at once

13th Feb2015

Get to the repairs in the home first

Before you actually go for a home revamp you must check your house for possible damages and if needed get in a good condition. Check every nook and corner of your house so that you can go ahead with home revamp, it is necessary to get good results of your efforts.


Inspect your home thoroughly

Make sure you check for damage

Do check for mildew and moss in lower areas of the home

Make sure your ventilation is right

Make sure you check the overall health of the entire home

13th Feb2015

Spend time for basement checks

Like every other corner basement of your house needs equal attention, make sure you have strong basement without cracks and moisture, which can eventually be harmful. A basement that has water problems is always full of risks since the wet basement usually gives rise to a shaky foundation of the house.


Ensure your basement does not have stagnant water

Do internal checks on your basement frequent

Check for water logging

Do not neglect cracks

Avoid repairing patchwork

13th Feb2015

Gravel your roof

Nowadays there are more types and styles of roofing to choose from as compared to the earlier time; no doubt, each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Make use of eco-friendly material, which is durable. The roof of your house must have enough space and should be within your planned budget.


Estimate roofing costs

Take care to understand what roofing materials suit you best

12th Feb2015

Decide on your priorities for home revamp

Use help of your superiors when you get stuck but don’t get dependent upon them. Learn problem-solving skills and try to learn by your mistakes to get efficient at your work. Managers admire those employees who are quick learners, who sort out their own problems as it saves them a lot of time and effort.


Check the current valuation of your home

Decide on revamp ideas as per the decor style

Do make sure you talk out with friends for better ideas

Compare varied ideas and trends before deciding one

Decide if you want a revamp or renovation

12th Feb2015

Calculate a rough estimate for home improvement

Make a budget to implement your plans, include each little expense so that you spend accordingly and make sure you have enough information about every little modification. You have an option to choose hi tech stuff but it is important that you keep yourself well informed.


Decide on a home improvement budget

Do not splurge a lot on revamps

Decide if you want structural changes

Estimate costs for multiple plans and pick the best

Avoid investment in hi tech stuff if you are not savvy

12th Feb2015

Design a theme based revamp

It is important that you discuss your idea to revamp your house with all family members and use their suggestions to modify your plans, it helps your compare the advantages and disadvantages of each style. It is good to stick to one of the latest trends but makes sure you consider other aspects too.


Check if you can go in for light themed rooms

Decide on a style you want for your home

Make sure you attune the design as per choices of other family members too

Do not pick a theme simply because it’s trendy

Compare home revamp plans before picking one

12th Feb2015

Plan if you want to hire an expert

No doubt, no one knows your requirements better than you do but if you wish to give life to your dreams then you must get in touch with a professional. Though it may require you to make some changes in your budget but you surely are not planning to revamp your house for another few years, keep your options open.


Talk out with a local designer

Calculate costs and the affordability

Do not hire a designer simply because it appears hip

Try and sketch out your rough ideas on paper

Talk to an online self-help revamp expert

12th Feb2015

Browse designs online

Internet if full of possibilities and a quick fix to most of our demands, surf web to go through latest home improvement styles. If needed get into the details of a particular style of your choice. No doubt, you would get millions of options but you must make a choice that appeals you the most.


Look up for latest home improvement trends

Subscribe to relevant magazines

Browse Pinterest boards for ideas

Do not choose an idea from online until it suits your home

12th Feb2015

Draw up your own ideas to save costs

It is good to keep yourself aware of the latest styles but one cannot take a risk without getting all required information, check the availability of the particular style of your own choice. Keep your expenses within your budget; think wisely before making a change in your plans.


Do not blindly follow ideas you see in mags

Have your own creative additions to interior designs

Do not over indulge in luxury buys

Cut down on basic costs such as materials

Have your own lost for must haves in your revamp

12th Feb2015

See how much investment is feasible

One you have made up your mind, plan accordingly but do not spend lavishly. Keep your expenses within the planned budget, check for discount offers, as it would give you the liberty to make some additional changes. You must consider the option to wait for the right kind of offer if you can afford to do that.


Check of you need to liquidate any saving

Divide on how you want to revamp your home

Plan a step-by-step approach to investing on home improvement

Check out discount deals at sale times

Do not go in for huge amounts into home improvement at once

12th Feb2015

Avoid going overboard on home improvement costs

Once you have an idea of overall budget, divide the amount according to the changes planned like for furnishing, home decor and lighting etc, make a list of each little expense. You can also use suggestions of those friends who have an experience of home revamp; they can help you make wiser decisions.


Skim your usual budget to see how much you can accommodate

Decide on the range you want to spend for furnishings

Decide the budget for home decor

Plan a schedule for implementing lighting renovations

Tackle changes to your home in a systematic way

12th Feb2015

Decode color scheme for home

Choosing a color shade is one of the most important decisions. Take professional advice instead of choosing your favorite color from a magazine or a movie clip, do not get tempted to colors that are trendy since trends keep changing with time, choose your all time favorite color.


Make sure you fix colors as per home size

Decide on the shades for different rooms

Do not go in for colors only because they look good on magazines

Avoid choosing colors because they are trendy

Avoid going in for garish displays

12th Feb2015

Plan room based revamps

Do first thing first, keep the size of your house in consideration when you plan your budget and make arrangements. The choice of color gives life to the decor style you chose, use variation in style but only after discussing with your family members since you surely want each member to have a house of his/her dreams.


Check the size of your house first

Design living space dimensions before choosing design

Take care to implement multiple colors in varied rooms

Go in for variations in style

Avoid going in for gaudy theme for any room

12th Feb2015

Take care to get a second opinion on your thoughts

One must take suggestions of his/her family members and friends before making an important decision, discuss things in detail and use their advice to modify your plans. However, you have an option to use internet and home decor magazines but one must make all decisions only after getting all the required information.


Make sure you consult your family

Talk to somebody you know to get a second backing on your ideas

Do not design a home only according to your taste

Avoid rushing through the designs

Think of the long-term viability of a home improvement idea

12th Feb2015

Devise of you want to baby proof your home

Those who have kids must make sure that they plan to keep them safe. Use professional advice to adopt baby-proofing ideas to make your house a safe place for your kids, you cannot afford to take risks when it comes to your adorable kids but keep your expenses within your planned budget.


Think if your kids are small enough

Discuss varied baby proofing ideas for living and kitchen spaces

Shop for baby proof accessories online

Go in for second hand baby proofing accessories

Avoid over spending of baby proofing

12th Feb2015

Do not adapt too extravagant a design

Make sure the new look of your house appeals to each one your members, keep enough space in your house rather than stuffing it with a lot of home décor material. Chose elegant yet classy designs instead of going for loud ones, you surely do want to go for a home revamp for another few years.


Make sure your home revamp is not too exotic

Make sure your new ideas allow lot of open space

Do not choose ideas that limit light

Do not choose ideas that limit space

Avoid too loud designs for home improvement

12th Feb2015

Compare costs from various agencies

Get in touch with different home improvement firms so that you can easily compare and make a decision to choose the best option. No doubt, you have to give preference to the agencies that offer a discount but it surely does not mean you compromise with the quality of services.


Take an estimate from professional home improvement firms

Take care to ask for discounts

Ask for installment-based payments

Take estimates from DIY stores too

Ask for finance schemes on such deals

12th Feb2015

Approach lenders for mortgages

Get in touch with bank officials to get a clear idea of the terms and conditions of mortgage, if possible go for a short-tem finance scheme. One must have a clear idea of home improvement investments, discuss every single detail and clear all your doubts before proceeding further.


Talk to your bank for home improvement finance

Ask for an overdraft

Check if you can enhance your mortgage

Ask for short term finance schemes

Approach a bank with your home improvement layout in mind

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