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Green Home

12th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

Live life in the lap of nature but if it does not sound practical then you must consider the option of having a green home. Minimize the use of energy, turn off all electrical appliances when you are not using them and if possible unplug your electrical appliances as they can consume energy even when they are in standby mode. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs and make an effective use of natural light during the daytime, let solar energy brighten your home naturally.


14th Feb2015

Make sure your home has proper drainage

Water issues or drainage problems always give rise to the shaky foundation; make sure you have good drainage system. Check the basement of your house on regular time intervals and keep your house moisture free, the drainage pipes must be in good condition.


Pay time to see if the drain layout is good

Plan a concealed drain system of your home allows

Take the local municipal permissions first

Do not allow water logging

Bleach your home drains and keep them clean

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