Passion - Find a dream job

Find a dream job

9th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

Make your career in the field that is close to your heart, something that gives you satisfaction and makes you able to live life you always wanted to live. Many people have turned their passions into their professions and have made their own identity along with giving a way out to likeminded people. Get inspired from them and give life to your own dreams since those who get their dream jobs are happy people who live life to the fullest. No doubt, you find many ways to make money and satisfy your needs even otherwise but having a dream job feels great since you get to do something that gives you immense happiness and keeps you motivated.


11th Feb2015

Plan a career strategy

Even if you have a job that offers you a good salary package to satisfy your basic needs, do not let it hold you back from moving forward in your career. Plan your career and take steps that get you closer to your target, keep an eye on your long-term goals too along with short-term goals.


Do not confuse a career plan with assurance

Prepare yourself to take in career downslides well

Never fear losing an opportunity/a job

Focus on your career in short-term scales

Decide on your immediate needs

Frame your aims accordingly to needs

11th Feb2015

Improve interview skills

An interview is an opportunity to highlight your skills that may prove beneficial to an organization. Follow interview techniques that may help you make a good impression on your employer, when you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses you can easily find ways to put your best foot forward.


Follow expert tips on how to give a great interview

Practice techniques to ease up yourself for an interview

Practice the art of listening keenly

Conduct of self-analysis to know what kind of personality you are

Adjudge annoying habits that you have to curtail for the interview

10th Feb2015

Adapt to newer technology

Learn to get advanced with time, if you don’t do that you would be left behind. Never hesitate to take help of technology to keep yourself updated even if you do not appreciate it too much since it may add a new life to your professional skills. There is no shame in getting inspired from new generation to keep yourself ahead and to learn new ways of life.


Do not resist new developments

Self-coach to have your abilities for new tech

Do not be back dated in a new age

Have the insight to understand use of new tech

Take time to learn using technology daily

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