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Develop Environment Friendly Home

12th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

Find an energy calculator to get an estimate of your current energy usage and install solar panels to contribute your bit. Let sunlight brighten your days, install skylights and illuminate your house with natural light. Surf web to get to know most effective and low cost methods to save energy, it enables you to give your contribution to save Mother Nature. Keep your environment neat and clean, as it is the gift best you can give to your upcoming generations. Make an effective use of natural resources instead of exploiting them, it is our responsibility to reduce waste and consume energy, support a green life and balance things up.


14th Feb2015

Check the electronics you use at home

Do not make plans to replace all electronics at once since it will only be an extra expense; select only those appliances that need replacement. There will be an extra advantage if you could compare the energy consumption of electronics and plan accordingly.


Check the carbon footprint of electronics

Check the star ratings for gadgets

Make sure you recycle outdated appliances

Check efficiency of kitchen appliances

Do not appliance that over consume wattage

14th Feb2015

Minimize the electricity bills at home

You must keep a check on the usage of electricity in your house since no one likes paying heavy bills. Use energy-efficient light bulbs and make sure you always switch off electrical equipments when you leave you house. Spend a little on the maintenance of your electrical appliances to cut down your heavy electricity bills.


Keep your appliances well maintained

Opt for regular servicing

Do not use high power appliances at home

14th Feb2015

Do not ignore the need for secure garbage dumping at home

A secure garbage dump in your house only helps you keeping your house neat and clean. Use expert advice if you plan to have something of that sort, keep the surrounding area in good condition and set an example for others to adopt some such methods to dump the waste.


Create the right pit for soaking waste

Take local permission to ensure the dumping area is safe

Get expert help

Inspect your surroundings regularly for waste leaks

Repair any crack or crevice on the pit early

14th Feb2015

Do not allow waste to compost openly on your house premises

Throwing garbage here and there only can cause viral diseases and it certainly gives a dirty look to your house, dump your garbage in a proper way. Discuss with your neighbors and invest on a pooled dumping plan, use help of experts to learn ways to recycle the waste.


Read up on innovative composting ways

Don’t dump waste uncovered

Go in for pooled dumping plans with neighbors

Check out innovative ways to use waste

Create natural manure for your garden

14th Feb2015

Optimize your resources to maximize energy savings at home

Internet provides you simple yet effective tips to save energy, you must use energy-efficient light bulbs and do not forget to switch off all electric equipments when you leave your house. Those who use energy saving methods not only contribute their bit to save energy but also save money that they can invest on other important things.


Invest in energy saving appliances

Do not buy gadgets on the spur

Find online manuals about saving energy easily at home

Invest in star rated ACS

Do not leave appliances on relentlessly

14th Feb2015

Find storage solutions for your home

Avoid using heavy furniture in your house since it usually covers a lot of space and difficult to shift to other areas too. Wall furniture provides you more space but nothing could actually be better than recyclable furniture, which is environment friendly too.


Look for modular cabinets

Ensure you build up in wall furniture

Do not opt for heavyweight furniture

Opt for recyclable furniture

Avoid go in for non degradable material made furniture

14th Feb2015

Dump outdated home stuff

Do not collect useless stuff in your house as it makes it difficult for you move freely, sell the useless furniture if you get a good price or give it to someone who can use it in his/her house. Keep your basement neat and clean, if you do not throw the unused stuff out of your house you can hardly have space for new home decor material.


Do not hoard up unused stuff for memory sake

Donate unused items to feel good

Avoid unused home stuff into basement

Keep your basement clean to avoid long-term damage

Take up a cleaning day agenda and throw away worn out stuff

14th Feb2015

Do not cling on to every other old accessory that you had home

Make more space in your house by getting rid of all the useless material that has been lying in your house for years. One must make efforts to dump all the useless material and if possible fix a particular day once in a month. It allows you the luxury to buy new home decor material for your house.


Have a cleanup day every three months

Recycle old clothes

Take time to sort out things that can be refurbished

Look for ways to dump without causing pollution

Minimize polluting stuff like burning wooden furniture etc.

12th Feb2015

Go in for an eco friendly home

Latest trends of home revamp allow you the luxury to choose eco friendly ways that are not harmful for the environment and keep you healthy too. Using eco-friendly ways means less energy consumption and you have to spend less on keeping your family healthy; another great advantage is that it is not heavy on your pocket.


Reduce energy consumption at home

Reduce your home's carbon footprint

Take care to modify your home in a green way

Check out latest trends in home improvement in eco friendly category

Avoid going in for excessive energy usage for innovations in homes

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