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Develop a great career

9th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

Plan a career that gives you a sense of achievement and makes you a good provider to your family, if possible chose a career in the field of your interest. Make effective plans and work hard to achieve your goals since you cannot hope to get success if you do not give your best shot. Take suggestions of your loved ones and professionals in the field to find meaningful ways to reach your goals, if you have a strong determination and put in your best efforts you can have a rewarding career.


11th Feb2015

Be a leader not manager

Lead your team in such a manner that your team members look up to you, be there to solve the problems they come across. Measure their capabilities and set their targets accordingly, never ask them to aim for unachievable goals. Do not try to dominate them or take an advantage as this way you may not be able to motivate them to give their best.


Be a manager who can give new ideals

Set an example with your work

Do not ask for work levels even you cannot achieve

Do not confuse leadership as godliness

Take care to not hurt personally during professional feedback

11th Feb2015

Enhance job satisfaction levels

Find ways to utilize free time to sharpen your skills or to learn new skills that help you to be good professional. Try to make your work interesting rather than complaining about it, your negative statements make your work monotonous. Workload means you are a reliable person in the eyes of your employer but you must not let job satisfaction hold you back from moving on in your career.


Judge how much of free time can be squeezed in after work responsibilities

Do not complain about being unhappy at work

Remove the bug of being over-burdened

Consider yourself a lucky individual to have a job

Do not confuse satisfaction with ease at work

11th Feb2015

Do not consider your work life boring

There is nothing like a perfect job in the whole world. Stop cribbing about your job and start loving it even if it throws a new challenge at you each passing day. Make your work interesting by taking breaks in between and spending quality time with your coworkers, balance things up.


Stop judging your work by external opinions

Do not lose sleep over how to be happy at work

Find a gradual balance in life

Respect your job even if it is challenge

Do not confuse boredom with more responsibilities

11th Feb2015

Convince yourself to love the job

Accept your job responsibilities and try your level best to live up to the expectations. Look at the good aspects of your job instead of finding faults in it. Don’t envy your friends success, learn to share their happiness with them as it may work wonders for you by inspiring you to work hard in life.


Instead of cribbing accept your job

Wholeheartedly find the best points allied to your job

Do not compare profile of work with your friends’

Learn your job the hard way

Remember that no job is perfect

11th Feb2015

Do not worry about what others think of you at work

Focus on your own goal without getting worried about how others look at your at your workplace. Set your own targets to keep yourself ahead, work hard and never let anyone else’s success influence your work or its efficiency. Successful people always keep themselves one minded and are strongly determined towards their goals.


Please yourself first before pleasing only your co-workers

Do not allow work place gossip about you affect your work

Take work as a way to prove your abilities

Maximize your strengths and brush your weaknesses

Make sure you have you targets set

Do not get swayed by others at work

11th Feb2015

Always under-commit deadlines

Take a little extra time to meet your targets; it will help you give your best. Never substitute quality with quantity since it may affect your performance eventually. Those who make best use of their strengths always stay ahead and inspire even others.


Try to finish tasks in advance but don’t commit

Give yourself comfortable margin of time for tasks

Do not hurry just to meet deadlines

Commit your elf to quality over quantity

Steadily identify your strengths on a task and brush the strong points up

11th Feb2015

Eliminate loops at work

If you keep a positive attitude and try to analyze the situation thoroughly you would find that each problem comes with a solution. Adopt a sensible approach when you try to get to the solution of a problem, do not hesitate to discuss your problems with your superiors since they are a lot more experienced than you to resolve work related issues.


Talk straight about issues with clients/boss

Deal with issues without personal bias

Be straightforward but smart while managing multiple issues

Do not discuss work problems with everyone in your office

11th Feb2015

Maintain a disciplined approach to career

Follow a routine of work that allows you the luxury to take breaks in between, finish important work before lunch and save sometime to sharpen your skills. If you meet your daily targets, you can take time to relax and invest time to focus on your long-term goals too.


Set a routine that includes work with other personal things

Develop a work hour such that you do not have daily backlogs

Take up one thing at a time

Get to action instead of planning how to start

Take small walks during lunch or other breaks to feel refreshed at work

11th Feb2015

Learn the art of being a boss's favorite

Those who never hesitate to keep their opinion in front of others and share their plans with their superiors always get an appreciation. You must find ways to contribute in success of your organization, if possible take an initiative, ask your employer to assign you more responsibilities and try your level best to live up to his/her expectations.


Learn to opine on work before the boss

Stop feeling shy to speak in front of the boss

Say no to instructions you cannot keep

Ask for more responsibilities if you can handle

Be frank about your career growth goals with your boss

11th Feb2015

Be innovative at work

Do not hesitate to take help of modern technology if that makes your work easy and effective. If you offer innovative plans to your organization that contribute in its growth, you can make a special place for yourself. Show enthusiasm whenever you take a new responsibility and be the first one to volunteer.


Be open to using innovations to do work faster

Follow work hack guides

Implement crazy hacks to relax yourself

Take up ideas from friends for making work fun

Handle work with happiness

11th Feb2015

Make work fun rather than a job

Those who enjoy their work never get disheartened and are able to contribute the most. When an organization grows, its employees get new responsibilities that come with tempting rewards. A lot of work pressure means you have people who rely upon you which in itself indicate success.


Wake up with a zeal to work daily

Take weekdays positively since work means salary too

Plan weekends and push your targets

Take up work in an inspiring way

Consider working as a blessing

11th Feb2015

Deck your workplace bright

Workplace must be kept clean so that it attracts positive vibes that help you stay focused. Decorate your workstation so that it inspires to be there and work hard to make progress in life. You tend to be more productive if you feel good when you reach your workplace.


Take liberty to have fun wallpapers on computer

Have pics of friends and family around

Make your drawers personalized

Take the step to have coffee stands around

Make your file cabinet neat and cool

10th Feb2015

Attend Motivational Workshops

If you stay motivated to reach your goals in life, nothing is impossible to achieve. Attend motivational workshops to learn to be a self-motivated person to realise your dreams. Mingle with your co-workers and get inspired from them too, it will help you learn the tricks of the trade. Motivate others and contribute in their success.


Find out if expert speakers are conducting sessions

Use workshop as a networking base

Take one-to-one motivational Sessions

Use motivation as a way to progress

Adjudge your skills that need work

10th Feb2015

Read skill improvement material

Enhance skills that can boost up your career, take help of your mentors to work on your weaknesses. Internet offers simple yet effective ways to master professionals skills, utilise it to your advantage. You always have an option to use the help of your colleagues to get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze their feedback and make an action plan to overcome your weaknesses.


Check your pros and cons to weigh them

Find out a way to outdo your cons

Look for easy technique to learn skills quickly

Search for online videos to improve skills

Have a list of things needed to develop a skill

10th Feb2015

Work harder to enhance work IQ

No matter how much time you spend in an organisation if you do not develop an understanding of your work and its ways, you can hardly make an effective plan to get success. Once you get to know your strengths and weaknesses, you can relate them with your work life easily. Try to get an edge in your area of expertise to give your best.


Understand the need to improve work IQ

Choose the factors to improve work IQ

Check the important materials to help you here

Take time to time feedback to know where you lack

Understand how to better your efficiency

10th Feb2015

Target increasing efficiency at work

One has to be a disciplined person to manage everyday targets and to develop an understanding of long-term goals in career. If you keep yourself focused, you can easily take out time to sharpen your skills so that you can relax and devote your time to your family after work hours. Identify areas that you need to work on and try your level best to strengthen your weaknesses.


Discipline yourself into a work routine

Target making out more free time

Give priority to your own space after work

Choose best working hours for projects

Understand your difficult zones at work

10th Feb2015

Make a pact to not underestimate yourself

If you do not believe in your own abilities, you can never convince others to do so. Have full faith in your efforts since you can always master the skills needed to get success if you have a burning desire deep down inside you. Set an example for all others and that can only be done when you keep yourself totally focused in life.


Decide to never blame yourself for work issues

Believe in yourself at work

Set an example

Do not think of quitting work for low downs

Do not under judge yourself at work

10th Feb2015

Learn to ask questions

People who ask questions always get a better understanding of things. Never keep your doubts with you as it keeps you from moving on in life. Learn to accept your true self and show the confidence to be you. Life is all about learning by getting different experiences and those who keep learning live life up to their full potential.


Develop the skill to ask your boss when in doubt

Stop fearing reactions to stop your curiosity

Ask your queries immediately

Do not say you understand to show off

Feel free to ask questions to sub-ordinates

10th Feb2015

Maintain composure at work

Your work place always demands you to maintain decorum and those who master the professional skills always go a long way in their career. Keep a check on your emotions when you are at your workplace and encourage others to do so. Your team efforts always get you to success, which further contributes in your individual growth. Learn to work as a team and offer you help to your co-workers to generate positive vibes at work.


Do not lose temper at work

Try and discuss with your boss in case of mistakes

Ensure that you understand the cause behind mistakes

Do not show arrogance to subordinates

Stop showing your attitude at work

10th Feb2015

Maintain dignity at work even at the worst

Keep your personal and work life separate as it instigates confusion. Express your true self to your co-workers and resolve your issues with them. Try to empathise with others to understand their point of view; one should never hold a grudge against his/her co-workers as it keeps you from putting in your best efforts.


Do not react when being hectored

Do not mix personal space with work

Do not disrespect someone at work for personal reasons

Stop thinking that your boss is an enemy

Stop wasting time thinking how to avenge colleagues

10th Feb2015

Reduce workplace gossip

Converse with your co-workers to relax in between your work and to get to know them better but do not get overfriendly with them. If you take them for granted, they would never hesitate to return the favour. Never indulge in gossip that can be harmful for decorum of your workplace as it affects your own performance eventually.


Indulge in gossip only till it does not harm

Do not get in the habit of work gossip

Make sure gossip is a “part” of discussion in a “whole”

Walk out of unhealthy gossip

Stop looking down upon certain co-workers

10th Feb2015

Limit personal calls during work

Once you get into the premises of your office, you must devote all your time to your work and if you fail to do that you, you fail to bring yourself in notice of your manager, which means no growth. Make a routine to attend only urgent phone calls; it will help you focus more. Mingle with your colleagues but not at the cost of your performance.


Use separate work and personal numbers

Use messengers for limited talk

Do not make a habit of long personal calls

Be certain about avoiding distractions at work

Do not waste time in idle talk at work

10th Feb2015

Think for yourself first

Never take a responsibility unless you feel that you would be able to live up to the expectations. Discuss your plans with your team and take their suggestions to modify your plans so that you can aim for maximum success. Plan to have meetings on regular intervals; it helps you to keep a check on your team’s progress towards their individual goals.


Take a responsibility if YOU can do it

Do not blindly trust your team

Do not relegate a duty and forget it

Stop worrying only about others opinion

Make it a point to work for your happiness

10th Feb2015

Plan a career switch

When you feel that all your skills are not getting utilized or you are not able to satisfy your needs with your current salary, plan to switch your job. Never make hasty decisions when it comes to your career, analyze situation thoroughly before planning to leave your job. If possible, try to look for growth within your current organisation, as you are already familiar with the work routine there.


Make sure you weigh your expectations from work

Think if you can take a switch risk

Judge if a good pay is the most essential

Check if you have the patience to wait for a new job

Make sure you have a savings pool

10th Feb2015

Learn to cooperate about praise sharing

Set your targets keeping the individual potential in consideration and assign the responsibilities accordingly. Plan incentives to reward your team members, it keeps them motivated. When you achieve your targets share the success with your team, as it’s always the team effort that gets you success in your goals.


Learn to accept joint duties at work

Never plan on getting sole praise

Share responsibilities at work

Do not compete for praise

Do not be hungry for attention

10th Feb2015

Never reveal peer stress to your boss

You must handle all our troubles yourself as no one else is going to do that for you. Stay calm even in the face of adversities since this is the time when you can check your patience. Never take out your anger on your colleagues; it instigates ill feelings among you. If you learn to be patient in life, you can overcome all your troubles easily.


Be calm even at the peak of stress

Never reveal your mood to the boss

Do not make the mistake of giving into stress

Stop worrying about making mistakes

Own up the issues if you have caused them

10th Feb2015

Do not take up too many tasks

Never indulge in multitasking as it affects your performance eventually. Follow a perfect routine of work to meet your daily targets; it will save you a lot of time and effort. Attend to the high priority task first when you get into your office so that you can afford to relax and devote time to learn new skills that are required to get efficient at your work.


Be clever and balance light and heavy tasks

Do not fuss over how much work is pending

Set up a neat mind frame first

Tackle heavy tasks first

Push the lighter tasks to later half of the day

10th Feb2015

Do not dominate over your subordinates

When you work as a team, you always achieve your goals that further advance your career. Assign responsibilities as per the capabilities of your team members and keep asking them about their progress. Offer your help to your team members and be there to support them when they get stuck in between.


Think of yourself as a leader not dictator

Stop handing over tasks without supervising

Be friendly with subordinates even during work

Patiently explain doubts over and over

Be a friend with strictness instead of a dominant manager

10th Feb2015

Stop being anxious about work

You can hardly focus on your work if you start getting nervous about achieving your targets. Give your best and never let anxiety interfere with your performance, no matter what. Those who put in their best efforts always get an appreciation from their managers; stop getting worried about your progress.


Keep working without worrying much

Do not think of EMIs and loans always

Be casual at work

Do not always think about pay raises

Be patient and perform well

10th Feb2015

Develop a work tactic

Your actions speak louder than your words; if you try your level best, you would certainly be able to impress your manger, which directly means growth within the organisation. The only way to make a positive impression on your manager is to work hard and to make effective plans to get more benefits to your company.


Let your performance talk for you

Do not show that you work only for money

Be sincere about tasks

Be aware of deadlines

Make a list to guide you during tasks

10th Feb2015

Have positive energy at work

Do not let your work pressure affect your performance in anyway; focus on the task at hand to keep yourself motivated. Never lose hope when your efforts do not get you the desired outcome as hard work pays off eventually. If your manager assigns you some extra responsibility take it as a challenge and give your best shot, it may prove to be a turning point for your career.


Do not think of the negatives at work

Be light about responsibilities

Stop fretting ones having to much work

Do not sit back until the last moment

Have confidence in your work strength

10th Feb2015

Treat yourself as valuable resource

Value yourself as only than you can expect others to do that. Take over new responsibilities to prove your worth to your organisation and motivate yourself to be the best among all. Never lose hope if you don’t get noticed in the beginning as managers always throw new challenges at you to make you push your limits so that you give your best.


Step up towards learning things even as you fail

Do not undermine your value to the company

Take appraisal at a positive means

Do not worry about your losing your portion

Be prepare for setbacks

10th Feb2015

Be clear about your objectives

If you work without having certain goals on your mind your life may go in a wrong direction, learn to have clarity of thoughts and keep recalling your objective on regular basis. Discuss your plans with your co-workers as it helps you mingle with them but never share each small detail of your life, define your limits and respect their privacy too.


Make sure that you have your goals in mind

Know what to share at work

Learn how to balance your goals at work

Do not share everything with co-workers

Develop secret mantra at work

10th Feb2015

Frame a target for building small assets every month

Make a plan to split your earnings in a way that you can easily manage to buy things you need the most. Make efforts to save a big part of salary so that you can keep the future of your family safe and secure along with implementing your plans to make investments that give you time-to-time profits.


Save money to build small things in life

Minimize expenditure on luxury stuff

Consider the job as a way to fulfill your dreams

Keep manual track of your monthly expense

Frame a plan to save maximum from your salary

10th Feb2015

Build up your stability levels on job

Take your job seriously, as it is the source of income that satisfy needs and desires of your family. If you take things easy, you may not be able to prove yourself valuable for the organization, which would directly affect your career growth. Each struggle gives you a learning that helps you take your career a step further.


Decide if you can stick to your career long term

Stop considering your career as a temporary ticket

Decide on the level of happiness current job gives you

Try to spunk up your interest level in the industry

Decide on being strong despite setbacks in the current job

10th Feb2015

Learn to develop time management skills

You can’t afford to rely upon your mood when it comes to work, learn to cheer yourself up when you are going through a rough phase in life so that you can get back to your work and focus. We all face difficulties in life but those who keep their professional and personal life separate keep moving ahead.


Stop letting your mood play up with work

Put your professional aims over your personal lows

Encourage yourself to perform good within limited time

Weigh the significance of time

Stop treating the work routine as a burden

10th Feb2015

Become someone’s mentor

Never hesitate to offer your help to your co-workers, as you may also need their support at times. It is all about the teamwork and those who learn the art of achieving goals as a team always touch new milestones in their career. One must have a clear understanding of what to share and what not to, as you can never afford to reveal your work secrets to your co-workers.


Be open to giving suggestions at work

Be cooperative with subordinates and discuss new ideas

Do not avoid discussions because you do not want to share tips

Do not confuse between sharing tips and revealing work secrets

Be happy to share expert knowledge

10th Feb2015

Create personal boundaries

Do not take up a job just for the sake of making an extra income if it does not support your career in anyway. Help your co-workers but never try to please them as it may affect your own performance. You must give preference to your own professional growth and put in your best efforts to earn a special place in your organization.


Make sure you know how much work is enough

Do not take up tasks for the sake of others

Take care to create an individual limit to saying yes

Find a way to create your personal slots for work

Prioritize your self-growth above money only

10th Feb2015

Eliminate negative influences at work

Do not get indulge in useless conversation at your workplace as it may spoil your image of a good professional. Converse with your colleagues during breaks but never engage in gossip that creates a bad word of mouth. Get to know your coworkers, mingle with them but never make an opinion-based judgment.


Stop believing all you hear from colleagues

Use discretion while taking decisions at work

Do not over-indulge in discussions at work

Understand the right time to discuss specifics at work

Do not judge yourself based on opinions only

10th Feb2015

Enhance response skills

It is important that you report to your manager about your progress at your work, if you fail to do that you can never make a good impression. Follow a routine to hit your targets and send a report on regular basis to keep yourself in good books of you manager. Be there to attend all meetings and keep your viewpoint in front of others.


Develop the skill to respond correctly

Get your response timing right

Develop more promptness at work

Do not inhibit your responses

Be more open about your responses at meetings

10th Feb2015

Redesign the current career graph

Add a personal touch to your goals by keeping your own individual targets so that you can stay ahead of your plans. You would never fail to achieve your goals if you follow a perfect routine of time and keep a check on your own performance. Take suggestions of your manager to improve your performance and to contribute more.


Conduct a mini-survey by yourself

Stop by and look where you are faltering at work

Compare your previous and current career to draw a success meter

Talk with experienced folks to gain insight about your viability

Develop a scale to judge your proficiency at work

10th Feb2015

Send out positive vibes

Create a friendly environment at your workplace so that you can motivate yourself and others to meet your team goals, it will help you to be a better professional. Be a strategic planner so that you can take up new projects that are beneficial to your organization, it helps you make a good impression on your employer too.


Stop being a non-budger to change

Accept new developments and change of guard

Be happy to move on to new projects

Do not stick up to work such that switches become tough

Understand the need to have happy vibes at work

10th Feb2015

Gain more energy around working

Get up early and start your day with a positive note to give your best at your work. Those who keep themselves focused and follow a work routine write their story of success with their own hands. One must try to portray him/her self as a responsible person so that your manger never has to think twice to assign you new responsibilities.


Feel energetic about your responsibilities

Do not confuse responsibilities and liabilities

Feel happy about being responsibilities

Give up the complaining attitude about work load

Design a way to imbibe more speed into dexterous tasks

10th Feb2015

Learn to shadow experienced people at work

Stick around positive people to develop a positive attitude towards life. Get inspired from others and modify your plans to get maximum success. Analyze the performance of your co-workers but never make a comparison, if you get to learn something that support your career, keep your options open.


Pick out colleagues or seniors who inspire you

Indulge in casual discussions with inspiring people you may know

Do not make it evident that you are in “awe”

Have confidence to speak up before your idols

Never make the mistake of over-estimating co-workers

10th Feb2015

Understand the difference between too much and too less work

Set attainable goals in your career but avoid keeping targets that you can easily achieve, as you don’t get any learning from them. Learn as much as you can, it boosts up your career and makes you able to achieve more. Learn to take challenges as opportunities to make best use of your skills.


Make sure you are not passed by for important work

Make sure that you are given responsibilities by choice

Avoid taking up easy work consistently

Balance challenges with monotonous tasks

Understand when your body is worn out

10th Feb2015

Gain more confidence

You can easily overcome all difficulties of your career if you are a confident person who never fails to take an initiative. If your manager assigns your more responsibilities it means you are going in a right direction and success is just around the corner, you should never hesitate to take an extra responsibility.


Do not heckle yourself by thinking how tough work is

Be happy that you are picked over others at work

Be more upright and flexible at work

Stop being uptight about new suggestions at work

Try and find a balance between being arrogant and confident

10th Feb2015

Add a personal touch to work associations

If you are not able to build a rapport with your collougues, you can never work as a team together. Maintain good relationships with them and offer your help at each point they get stuck, it will motivate them. One can never achieve even individual goals if he/she is not supportive to other team members as your individuals goals also depend upon team efforts.


Stop by to wish co-workers

Be aware about immediate colleagues’ birthdays

Send out invites to your bashes

Wish co-workers and clients on important annual days

Send in appreciative tokens at times to sub-ordinates

10th Feb2015

Stop procrastinating work

Learn the art to live in the moment, focus on the task at hand and try your level best to achieve your daily targets. Never delay your work for another day as it turns into a big pile after a while and starts affecting your performance too. Winners always value each minute of their time and never leave any space for regrets.


Take charge-TODAY

Stop worrying about tomorrow

Never begin a new task at the end of day

Work when you are sure of your ideas

Figure our rough ideas before getting to main work plans

10th Feb2015

Take control of your work

One must trust his/her own gut feeling while making important decisions. Take suggestions from others but always make the final decision yourself since it is an important aspect of learning. Don’t hesitate to make mistakes as your mistakes make you a better person. Those who think of innovative ideas to achieve their goals motivate others too.


Stop asking too many suggestions

Trust your own opinions first

Stop being influenced by external ideas

Think original instead of mashing up multiple ideas

Make sure you follow you own decisions

10th Feb2015

Stop depending on a guide/boss figure

Use help of your superiors when you get stuck but don’t get dependent upon them. Learn problem-solving skills and try to learn by your mistakes to get efficient at your work. Managers admire those employees who are quick learners, who sort out their own problems as it saves them a lot of time and effort.


Ask for help only when absolutely confused

Stop cutting a dazed-persona image at work

Never expect your client/boss to tell you every detail

Figure out your ways of getting work done

Stop running to the boss for everything!

10th Feb2015

Stop believing that you can get away with ordering juniors

It takes a great effort to guide your team members to keep them motivated to achieve team goals. If you master the art of teamwork, you can easily get the desired outcome. Work as a team and motivate your employees to try their level best to achieve the set goals


Be happy to lead without being a snob

Take time to understand a team in and out

Give constructive feedback instead of rejections

Take time to add improvement ideas to junior team plans

Always remember that you too began from the bottom rung!

9th Feb2015

Take a break from work

Keep taking breaks from your work to relax for a while and to reenergise your soul. Arrange your work schedule in such a manner that allows you the luxury to attend all your family picnics. Plan to spend your weekends with your loved ones. This will help you keeping yourself focused and full of life.


Work from home for a month

Ask for more vacation time instead of a fatter bonus

Spend your weekends with family/friends

Stop getting distracted with your mailbox during offs

Use your leaves wisely for a greater off period

9th Feb2015

Brighten up your daily work life

Never let your workplace turn you into a machine. Do not hesitate to smile, no matter how hard life seems in the face of adversities. Share your plans with your co-workers and learn from them to get an edge over your own work. Add life to your workplace to make it fun.


Add more color to your workplace

Take the metro instead the car to work

Add variety to your work lunch menu

Lunch up with colleagues instead of eating on the move

Join your colleagues for a morning cappuccino

Gossip at work—but not about work/your boss

9th Feb2015

Enhance your confidence levels at work

Take all the necessary steps to turn yourself into a confident person. You can never let your employer believe in you, if you don’t believe in your own efforts. Attend all the business meetings confidently and clear all your doubts. Mingle with your co-workers and get to know them better.


Take a workshop to increase confidence

Participate in group discussions willingly

Brush up your presentation skills

Work around your public speaking skills

Feel free to ask questions at work

9th Feb2015

Control immediate reactions at work

You must develop a professional attitude to come out as a confident person at your work place. Never forget that you can’t have things your way. Do not to hold a grudge against your colleagues, resolve the issues instead. Take the criticism in a positive manner and use it to turn yourself into a good professional.


Stop framing ideas about colleagues even without knowing them

Stop believing that the world is your enemy at large

Stop fearing your boss/client’s comments

Expect the best but be prepared for the worst

Do not immaturely let your face talk at work

9th Feb2015

Saving more time at work

Wake up early to start your day in a pre-planned manner. Plan your day in way that you finish the high priority task before lunch. Break your bigger goals into smaller tasks to keep yourself motivated. Set your own goals to keep yourself one-step ahead, it will also give you time to focus on your long-term goals.


Plan your day in batches

Finish up your work first and then plan a work lunch

Relegate important task for the first half

Get ready for work early

Set a target of completing tasks by early evening

9th Feb2015

Stop delaying/procrastinating

Never put things off for another day as it always diverts your attention from the task. Finish your work on regular basis and have the luxury to relax. Try to finish the difficult task first, in fact the minute you enter into your office. Set reminders to keep yourself aware of the deadlines.


Do not keep tasks for later

Fix up a to-do list for the day

Promise yourself to not have lunch till you have done all scheduled tasks

Set up email reminders and alerts for tasks at hand

Stop getting anxious and rather focus on the work pending

9th Feb2015

Cooperate more than compete

It always takes a group effort to hit the targets and meet deadlines. Offer your help to others and never hesitate to use their help whenever you get stuck. Encourage a friendly environment at your workplace to meet your individual as well as group targets. Show your expertise in your own niche but acknowledge the efficiency of others in their fields too.


Stop eyeing everyone as competition

Create a healthy target and fulfil it

Stop worrying about who gets a raise first among your work groupies

Stop arguing with seniors or taking their advice with irritation

Help subordinates at tasks instead of being non-bothered

9th Feb2015

Organize your work system

Keep your workstation in an organised manner to keep things in control. Be a responsible person when it comes to taking care of the records and documents. Always try to keep a back up of all the required data in case of an emergency. Never take things easy as it adds value to your work.


Pay attention to all your papers/documents

Make an accurate filing system

Do not mix up all stuff in one drawer

Create a back up on cloud

Create labels for easy identification

9th Feb2015

Feel happy and energized about your job

Learn to take things positively. Extra workload means you have a bright future since you have people who rely upon you. They value your efforts. Keep yourself motivated to handle the work pressure, as employers have their own ways to appreciate your efforts. You can never afford to take things easy when it comes to your career.


Stop cribbing about having a lot to do

Think that more work means more progress

Save with the target of buying something really coveted

Admire your capacity that lets you have more work pressure

Consider your work as a ticket to happiness

9th Feb2015

Spend ample time with yourself after work

To be more productive at you work, it is important that you learn the art of keeping yourself happy and up spirit. Spend quality time with your loved ones and never take yourself for granted. Learn to value yourself to make others value you even more. Pay attention towards your personal life as it affects your work life too.


Give yourself some much needed space

Have an internal conversation to see if you can perform better

Think on how to balance a movie on Friday after work

Plan a surprise night out with friends mid-week, after work

Push yourself to have a personal life even if you are a busy worker

9th Feb2015

Read up work-lit easy self help books

Self-help books and autobiographies of great people of the world always help you find your own definition of success. You not only get inspired from their lives but can also modify your plans accordingly to get closer to your own goals. Learn to be a self-motivated person and keep yourself totally focused in life.


Read through few chapters to see what authors says about career development

Take in inspiration literally from words

Read motivational books to feel refreshed

Pin up the best quotes you get in books at your work station/bulletin board

Discuss ideas with colleagues to feel energized at work

9th Feb2015

Know when you work “too” much

Don’t be hard on yourself, take breaks in between to enjoy your work to the maximum. Try to be ahead of your targets so that whenever there is a plan for a family vacation, you can easily be there and come back with extra energy to give your best at work. This way you can keep yourself up spirit and motivated all day long.


Check if you are sitting at your desk for excessive long

Take a mini break wherein you avoid thinking about your work

Make a strong promise to never cancel personal events for work

Rarely say yes to working on holidays

Ask for over-time pay details instead of just saying yes to any request

9th Feb2015

Begin to know your colleagues personally

Mingle with your co-workers to build a strong rapport with them. Get to know them better and never hesitate to share your own personal likings and disliking with them. Professional friendships always turn into mutually beneficial relationships. Create a healthy environment at your workplace; keep a smile on your face whenever you have a conversation with your colleagues.


Hang out with colleagues like they are friends

Never have prejudices against a work mate

Discuss personal likes and stuff with colleagues

Interact with friendly colleagues and develop a relationship

Have healthy discussions about work with your colleagues

9th Feb2015

Excel at current job instead of switching

Instead of trying to get an alternative, which offers you a good career ahead, you may try to excel at your current workplace. Work harder and get noticed so that your manager happily recommends you for promotions. Employers always keep themselves fully aware of the progress of their employees and never lose their best employees at any cost.


Discuss possibilities of a raise with current clients/boss

Ask for bonuses or extra compensation when you submit extra work

Consider the possibility of an on-job promotion

Ask for a recognition certificate from your employer

Apply for a better post within your organization

9th Feb2015

Take on newer assignments on part-time/freelance mode

The world of work these days offer many opportunities to learn new skills and make progress. You can always take up an extra job, which sharpens your skills to be a better professional. Never hesitate to learn things that enhance your personality and offer an additional work option in a relevant field.


Scour online portals for relevant jobs

Enhance your skills by taking on these jobs

Ask for recommendation on completing a freelance assignment

Find part time work related to your industry

Build on newer skills by exploring off-genre freelance jobs

9th Feb2015

To save ample to retire well

Always try to save for your old age so that you do not become a burden on your loved ones. Invest wisely in retirement policies and insurance to keep a good amount of money for the time of need. Plan your budget in such a manner that you can easily save for some extra investments.


Target to invest savings in bonds/insurances

Target saving a certain amount as retirement pool

Target piling extra pay or raises to buy property/a retirement home

Plan a monthly budget for luxuries and needs

Decide on a deposit amount that can mature post retirement

9th Feb2015

Updating the work resume

Always try to highlight your strengths on your resume, as it should describe you as a good professional and beneficial for the organisation too. Keep adding new skills to your resume on regular basis to make it more impressive. Always share your weaknesses with a plan to overcome them. Be proud of your achievements and put a confident smile on your face.


Add more compactness to the resume

Add the new skills acquired to the resume

Add the new skills acquired to the resume

Add your accomplishments to your resume

Design your resume in a clear cut manner

Add an attractive cover letter

9th Feb2015

Find time for a hobby

You must develop a skill to pursue your hobby along with your job as it always works as a great stress buster. You can rejuvenate your energy and work with new ideas and plans on your mind. Never let your hobbies take a back seat at any stage of life since they always motivate you to give your best.


Take an hour out after work to cultivate a hobby

Revisit your older hobbies and rejuvenate one

Do not cut down on hobby time for work

Choose an easily-doable hobby

Opt for a hobby that does not take up loads of money

9th Feb2015

Set up a side business based on hobby

You always have an option to convert you hobby into a good source of income. If a full time job does not sound realistic then consider the option of keeping it as a side job. It will help you pursue your hobby along with making some extra money. Doing what you love to do adds new energy to your life and gives you a reason to smile.


Calculate the prospects of converting hobby to business

Calculate the possible investment for setting up a business

Calculate the estimated returns on the investment

Decide if you want to be sole owner or a partner

Estimate if you can manage business with your job

9th Feb2015

Develop Emotional Intelligence Parameters

Learning professional skills is a lifelong process. Listen to understand as it helps you to grow in life. Learn how to communicate better with your clients so that you can easily convince them to get new business assignments. Be positive and develop problem-solving skills to overcome all obstacles to be a better professional.


Improve listening skills

Improve your understanding towards urgent work issues

Improve your presentability at work

Enhance your cooperation levels

Enhance your skills to communicate information to your boss/clients

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