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Decorate my dream home

12th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

It is true that you can use help of professionals to decorate your dream house but do not think twice if you get a temptation to close your eyes to envision how to decorate your dream house. Discuss with your loved ones and take suggestions of your friends, no doubt this is something you have been waiting for a long time. Well, if nothing seems to work surf web to get millions of suggestions, consider all the possibilities and make decision only when you are certain that you would get the desired outcomes.


14th Feb2015

Do not fret over luxury items for your home

Do not get tempted to buy stuff that is not required on urgent basis, avoid buying costly stuff and try to go for less expensive replacements. If at all you plan to buy luxury home décor material, be prepared to spend on its maintenance too, take professional advice before you make a decision.


Avoid too big buys

Make sure your new buys are insured if very costly

Do not take up renovations until you have a fund pool

Luxury buys, if made, must be placed well

Make sure you have time to maintain the new pieces

14th Feb2015

Make your kid's room very vibrant

When you are planning your kid’s room, you must choose vibrant colors that are full of life. You really do not need to stuff it with unnecessary material that makes it difficult to move freely. Keep a nicely arranged study table in the room along with a small bed; do not keep things that distract his/her mind.


Do not settle for a dull feel in child's room

Choose bright colors

Do not over spend on decorating your child's room

Make sure you child has a neatly separated study and bed

Do not pay attention to designer styles for a child’s room

14th Feb2015

Do not spend a fortune only on interiors

Home décor material is no doubt essential but one must not spend lavishly on it. Less stuff means more options to revamp décor from time to time, always think twice every time you purchase something new for your house. Do not make hasty decisions when you decide on the interiors of your house.


Balance your decor budget cleverly

Keep space to revamp decor from time to time

Do not buy everything you see

Decide the viability of a buy before purchasing it

Take time to finalize interior plans after thorough comparison

14th Feb2015

Look for unused and vacant spaces at home

Get rid of all the useless stuff that has been lying for many years in every nook and corner of your house, it helps you make more space in your house. Utilize the available space in an effective and useful manner, adjust the lighting in such a way that each area gets enough light.


See how you can maximize space utilization at home

Check for unnecessary areas that are lying dumped

Clean up the small areas in home and use them cleverly

Take time to organize your home lights in a way dark areas are not neglected

Avoid storing discarded stuff at home

14th Feb2015

Decide if you want theme based decor for home

You always have an option to pick a particular theme to decorate your house; do not make a decision without making an enquiry. It is not necessary that something that looks good in a movie clip or on web can give the same look to your house, do not forget to make a comparison.


Formulate a theme that can suit all

Check the overall feel of your home and design the theme

Do not choose themes on whim

Avoid taking up a theme because it looks good elsewhere

Make sure the theme at home is in tune with your character

13th Feb2015

Avoid going in for space consuming interiors

Do not invest on home décor material that covers a lot of space or do not serve any other purpose, use modular furnishing style. If you invest on furniture that covers more space, you would have to consider the option of home revamp yet again, surf web to check latest home décor material.


Keep your home clutter free

Ensure ample free floor space

Invest in modular furnishings

Go in for tuck in cabinets

Do not invest in furniture too large for your home

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