Passion - Become honest citizen

Become honest citizen

4th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

If we all take a pledge to do what is expected on our part there would actually be nothing that cannot be achieved, keep yourself aware of your duties along with your rights, make everyone aware that it costs nothing to be a responsible citizen. Follow rules and regulations; make your country proud of you.


4th Feb2015

Define roles of a good citizen

One must be fully aware of his/her duties and rights to work towards the growth of the nation. Make efforts to bring a good name to your country, be a good citizen, respect your constitution and always be prepared to serve your nation at the time of need.


3rd Feb2015

To enhance sense of mutual respect

Do not encourage policies that divide the nation on the basis of classes and communities, we all are equal so each one deserves to get benefits of all government policies made to advance the nation on the path of progress. Do not divide the nation, develop harmony towards other religions so that we all can work together to realise our dreams.


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