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Become a wealthy person

14th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

It is a world known fact that there is no quick and easy way to become rich, either you have to born with a silver spoon in your mouth or work exceptionally hard to get there and let us not deny the role of destiny. If you are someone who really has a grip over what he/she has learnt in school or college you can use that knowledge to get a lucrative job, no doubt you have to prove your expertise. Start your own business if you have good business skills and if you trust your abilities. Exceptionally smart people also stay ahead in life since they know how to get things done. You can also consider the option to be an investor but then again each field has a risk involved since success never comes easy to many.


16th Feb2015

Understand the concept of tax saving instruments

One must be careful when it comes to tax saving instruments since it is important that you choose wisely from a number of tax saving bonds. Take help of your financial advisor before making a decision.


Choose from variety of tax saving bond

Understand the returns on varied instruments for tax savings

Do not muddle up between tax savings and maximizing investments

Understand tax liabilities on investment maturity

Avoid going in for policies that are heavily taxed

16th Feb2015

Read personal finance books from experts

Collect as much information as you can to get saving tips for your personal finance, read popular books on investments and make an effective use of internet to enhance your knowledge. Take help of online experts to clear your doubts and to get suggestions to invest in good schemes.


Read up on savings tips for money

Take advice from online finance counselors

Ask your doubts to an online expert about investments

Do not stick to rules of financial growth but mould them for yourself

Take time to weight financial rips and customize your expenses and saving habits accordingly

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