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Become a CEO

9th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

Take greater responsibilities; analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each one of your team members to make the best use of their skills. You must have the ability to keep all your team members together, aim for bigger targets and put in your best efforts to reach your goals since the future of your organization largely depends upon you. Make good decisions, lead your team, manage all given responsibilities, make effective plans and execute those plans to set new standards.


11th Feb2015

Attracting more business/revenues

Highlight your business and services it offers wherever you go, a good amount of your success depends upon your marketing skills. Make your own website and promote it on a big scale to get more customers. One has to be shameless when it comes to promoting his/her business and its ways.


Market your skills better

Promote your services online

Conduct offline promotions

Send out newsletters/hand outs

Ask for referrals

Send in business queries

Prepare an attractive business profile

11th Feb2015

Enhance knowledge of your industry

Employers admire those employees who love to identify themselves with their organization, you must be aware of the progress of your organization in last few years as you are a part of organization. Make efforts to find innovative ways to define success of your organization and be a part of it.


Read and research about latest developments in your niche

Share and discuss new information with colleagues

Participate in healthy discussions and absorb stuff shared at work

Stay up to date with global trends via social and mass media

Never think that you have gained all knowledge about work

11th Feb2015

Take up new ideas and experiment

Try to be innovative when you plan your goals and find ways to reach them, the world is full of possibilities. Learn to develop your skills and utilize them to give your best to contribute more in success of your organization. Take help of internet and online forums to explore new ideas.


See how the world works and explore ideas

Tune up ideas to suit your profile

Experiment with industry ideas

See if expert speak can be used at work

Follow your own rules but welcome others opinions too

10th Feb2015

Set personal standards

Set your standards high even if you have to spend a few restless nights to think over the possible strategies to do that. Develop your own way to get things done, as one must create his/her identity rather than following someone else’s footsteps. If you are an innovative planner and thinker, you can use it to advance your career.


Create an air of being an expert

Keep track of latest work strategies

Design a way to manage work in “your” way

Do not ape the work style of someone else

Develop your own personal strategies

10th Feb2015

Learn to venture out for new projects

Learn to live up to the expectations of your employer and make your unique place among all team members. Work hard and develop your skills to be trustworthy team member, who can be relied upon, learn to trust your skills to make progress in career. Be yourself but keep enhancing your skills on regular time intervals.


Raise your hand when least expected

Learn to speak your mind

Stop expecting your boss/client to spoon feed you

Try to make way for new innovations on regular projects

Suggest improvement to existing project outlines

10th Feb2015

Develop more number of profit centers

If you develop a habit of keeping a regular check on the growth of your organization, you can easily find ways to contribute your bit. Nowadays employers look for people who can offer innovative ways to keep their organization ahead of the competitors, if you are one such person sky is the limit for success.


Understand the man profit hubs/points for clients/organization

Develop depth to locate profit areas

Suggest new scheme of doing things for clients/your company

Ask yourself if you can take bigger risks

Target areas to bring in more profits

9th Feb2015

To scale down costs on your entrepreneurial venture

Try to save as much as you can as it always gives you an upper hand in your business and in life too. If possible, cut down the staff expenses that are unnecessary or desirable. You always have an option to invest your savings on some other business plan that helps you expand your business.


See what expenses can be curtailed

Save on your communications cost

See if you are spending unnecessarily on some staff expense

Check your balance sheets from time to time

Plan saving on taxes

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