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Become a business leader

9th Feb, 2015 By TeamLiveLife

Come up with a business plan that can give you an edge in the world of work and ensures a successful career too, if you are able to show a path of success you can easily get investors who would risk their money. Look for professionals who could use their skills to market your products and services, set targets of moderate difficulty level so that you stay motivated to achieve more. Plan incentives and set short-term goals to measure your performance on regular intervals, it also helps you modify your plans.


11th Feb2015

Learn to say No

If you think you would not be able to justify with the job, learn to no. Always analyze your own strength and weaknesses when you get a new responsibility. Come out of your comfort zone and try to learn skills that may prove helpful to advance your career.


Say no to things that you actually cannot do

Understand your capacity and take up work

Stop saying yes to all that your boss/client says

Take risks at work by skipping things not part of your genre

Take up challenges without being foolish

11th Feb2015

Delegate responsibilities effectively

You must be aware of strengths and weaknesses of your team members so that you can utilize their qualities to achieve your team goals. Assign responsibilities to your team members keeping their strengths in mind. Don’t be partial to any team member and focus on encouraging team efforts.


Learn management from the roots by analyzing your team

Judge the pros and cons of team members

Hand over responsibilities to team members who are actively involved in work

Being strict is needed but not by being rude with team members

Keep very high priority tasks for yourself

Learn to follow up but do not nag a team member

11th Feb2015

Accept tips even from newbies

One must agree with the fact that younger generation has innovative methods to make their work fun and to be more productive even when they invest a little time. Don’t look down on your juniors, learn new ways of life from them that may give you an edge at your workplace.


Absorb new methods from freshers

Interact with juniors to learn whats new

Respect juniors/freshers

Make freshers feel at ease

Do not seal your mind against ideas from freshers

10th Feb2015

Emerge out of your comfort zone

It is always good to work on your area of expertise but if you do not take risks in life, you can never grow professionally or as a person. Come out of your comfort zone and start taking measurable risks. If you develop a habit to learn from your mistakes, you can make the best use of your knowledge.


Do not take your skills as your abilities

Find out what your tough challenges are

Emerge out of the best tasks to find new challenges

Judge what your comfortable areas are

Understand how much to put to improve weak zones

10th Feb2015

Adopt to changing market needs

Keep yourself aware of new developments in your area of expertise and utilize them to advance your career. Change is the only thing, which is permanent; learn to change yourself with time, it may work wonders for you. Follow latest trends to be more innovative at your workplace, take help of internet to keep yourself aware of the latest market trends as learning never ends.


Study your niche regularly

Keep track of industry trends

Keep yourself prepare to welcome changes

Follow international markets

Try and take risk to implement new idea

10th Feb2015

Plan a comprehensive growth level

Managers love employees who remain consistent in their efforts to contribute to the success of team goals. Those who are not productive do not have a long life in an organization, so make constant efforts to be effective and never forget to highlight your success. If you try hard, you are bound to succeed.


Maintain consistency in performance

Maintain low levels of poor performance as much as you can

Stop fretting over mistakes at work

Take up targets consistently

Do not be a seasonal worker

10th Feb2015

Develop a more precise vision

It is good to focus on your short-term goals but never lose sight of your long-term goals too. With no plans for your career, you may never be able to survive for a very long time. World of work is changing rapidly which demands employees to enhance their skills on regular basis and those who do not keep themselves updated are at regular risk of losing their jobs.


Be clear about your long -term goals at work

Develop better instincts to react to new developments at work

Understand if you want to aspire for new things or simply get a paycheck

Read up tips to develop a long term vision

Stay attuned to new age work culture

10th Feb2015

Create a website

One must have a platform to highlight his/her skills to get noticed by prospective employers. Internet has made it much easier nowadays, create a website and use it to build an image, which can get you good job proposals and many more opportunities to grow in life. Keep updating your website on regular basis; it works wonders in promoting your skills.


Make a platform to advertise your skills

Indulge in healthy self-promotion

Clearly state your work values and strengths

Avoid making very tall claims

Do not claim to be an all-rounder

10th Feb2015

Develop skills to attract more business/queries

You must enhance your skills and update your knowledge to get more business proposals. Learn a new language if it helps you get new business assignments, make your business commitments cautiously as they help you make a positive image in the market. Never back off from your words once you make a commitment.


Learn to use business language right

Market your work abilities in a subtle way

Be strong when making a promise about work

Be forthright in business queries without being showy

Research into material/guides to make you an attractive prospect

9th Feb2015

Ask for referrals offline and online

People you come across during your working hours always give you a valuable feedback, which can help you to be more productive at your work. Give your best to live up to the expectations of your superiors so that they happily recommend your name for promotions. Nothing is impossible if you put in your best efforts.


Feel confident to drop in an email or message for referrals online

Ask your seniors and old-job associates to write up a referral too

Ask for a rating from clients/associates on your skills

Seriously consider the rating

Do not use referral only to promote but also know your work skills

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