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Livelife “Questions and Answers”

How great would it be if you could get the assistance and support of experts on how to live life? At times, when you don’t get an idea of which way to take to live life that offers you a perfect blend of almost everything, professionals can guide you and suggest you the best option. Those who learn the art of living life never have to look for anything else since it makes you feel complete and blessed. Take help of professionals of their respective fields and live strong, no matter how many challenges life throws at you.

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Team Dr Prem

Why dont you ask this question to Dr Prem on He will be the best person to answer it.

Simon Chief Nande


I am 3o yrs of age, failled grade 12 and i did not go for further stud. i had a 2015 vission and things did not work,because i failled even though i am working i am getting what i want and i am living unhappy life ful of regrets

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